Blue Archipelago: Revolutionise Indonesian Marine and Coastal Economy
12th Nov 2022 Time 10:00 - 17:30
Block 71 Ariobimo Sentral, South Jakarta Map

About HIC IDN 2022:

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world consisting of five major islands, including Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and parts of Borneo and New Guinea, and 30 smaller groups. With the current population of over 279 million people, their fish consumption reaches 46.49 kg per year per capita, making them one of the top ten fish-dependent nations in the world. Traditional and small-time fishermen are the majority and backbone of this industry. However, their position is vulnerable due to the lack of technological support and the loss of control over marine areas. This situation is worsened following unsustainable governance of marine resources which consequently cost the environment and affect the small fishing communities lives and livelihood. For the first time in the year 2022, we bring the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference to Indonesia this coming November to connect various players and dig into possible solutions that can sustainably revive the ocean economy.

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Calling for Participants

In the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference, researchers, faculty, and students from academia can join the conference physically, and free of charge. For interested participants outside of academia, please contact us. The conference will be conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Calling for Presenters

The call for Poster Presenters is now open. Selected posters, will be invited for a 3-minute pitching slot in the Research Splash session. Researchers from any field are welcome to apply but those from the following fields are preferred:

  • Fisheries
  • Clean Energy
  • Marine Supply Chain
  • Coastal Economy
  • 12th Nov

12th Nov(Sat.)10:00 - 17:30

Time Content
10:00-10:15 Opening ceremony

Keynote Session|Enabling Sustainable Coastal Economy to Improve Indonesian Livelihood


Research Splash


Poster Session


Lunch Break


Session 2|Enhancement of Blue Carbon for Life Below Water and Sustainable Fisheries


Session 3|Tech Splash: Underpinning Coastal Economic Transition to Optimize Wealth


Session 4|Modernizing Coastal Transportation for Better Accessibility


Award and Closing Ceremony

10:15 - 11:15
  • Main Hall
Session 1: Keynote | Enabling Sustainable Coastal Economy to Improve Indonesian Livelihood

Powered by: Aerodyne Group

The fisheries industry in Indonesia employs about 12 million people and 95 percent are small holder fishermen. Yet, their position is vulnerable due to unsustainable fishing practices and limited alternative source of income. Here in this session, we want to illustrate the front-line of available technology so that participants can receive a seed of project for their own.

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Prof. Dr. Ocky Karna Radjasa
Chairman of the Research Organization of Earth Sciences
National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)

Prof. Dr. Rocky will share his 20 years of experience in marine biotechnology under the topic “Enabling Sustainable Coastal Economy to Improve Indonesian Livelihood“. The Keynote will address the current landscape of marine and coastal communities in Indonesia, the challenges they face, and the opportunities that lie ahead. With a strong portfolio in marine research and involvement in government organizations, Prof. Ocky will deliver his speech on BRIN’s contribution to improving the marine and coastal communities to support the Indonesian government in preparing for Indonesia’s Blue Economy Roadmap.

Mr. Razwan Zakaria 
Chief Product Officer
Aerodyne Group

Razwan is appointed as Chief Product Officer for AGRIMOR to develop and market new agriculture 4.0 solutions in UAV precision technologies, IoT systems, and mechanization. He currently leads a team of 210 people consisting of UAV pilots, innovators, engineers, and technicians. Razwan has 15 years of experience in management and technology development-related projects. His specialization is projected in the areas of electronics and oil & gas. He was also responsible for setting up and operationalizing Aerodyne Australia. Assisted Group and Director of Operations for operations in different states in Australia.

In his capacity, he has also led Digital Transformation projects for clients in the telecommunications, power, renewable energy, and the oil & gas industry. Client and stakeholder engagements to formulate UAV use case, the scope of operations, methodologies, testing, and validation for clients in Australia, the United States, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Fredinan Yulianda
Department of Aquatic Resources Management
Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Bogor Agricultural University

Dr. Ir. Fredinan is a Professor of aquatic conservation and the lead of the ​​Department of Aquatic Resources Management at Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. His extensive experience in sustainable development and conservation of marine life is well known and documented in a number of publications and books. He is also often invited to speak at seminars, conferences, and other academic events, locally as well as internationally.

Mr. Walesa Danto
Head of Product Aruna
PT Aruna Jaya Nuswantara

Established by 3 founders coming from a great coastal culture and specializing in technology, Aruna started its initiative by becoming the first Indonesian startup focusing on connecting local fishermen to a wider market using advanced technology. Aruna continuously expands its mission throughout the major islands of Indonesia. Successfully helping increase fishermen’s income by 3 to 12 times, Aruna started to empower the coastal women enabling Aruna to win a gold medal at the ASEAN ICT Awards 2018. To date, Aruna has empowered more than 26,000 fishermen in 27 provinces. Each community assisted by Aruna could earn a turnover of 300 to 700 million per month. To share their vision and mission in the local sustainable fisheries ecosystem, Aruna will be represented by their head of product, Mr. Walesa Danto.

14:00 - 15:00
  • Main Hall
Session 2: Panel Discussion | Enhancement of Blue Carbon for Life Below Water and Sustainable Fisheries

Session partner: Maruna Nichiro Corporation

This session will address the current blue carbon status including the policies, government and corporate initiatives, and solutions including technologies for blue carbon in Indonesia and how it will lead to sustainable fisheries.

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Dr. Tadakazu Tamai
Central Research Institute
Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Dr Tadakazu Tamai is a Manager of Central Research Institute, Maruha Nichiro Corporation. He is an experienced researcher in the context of omega-3s study in which he has conducted various studies to explore the benefit of omega-3s including human clinical trials, pharmacological assessment using animals, cell technologies and genetic engineering. He also experienced the health claim approval process by engaging various governments for the application. He is also the leader in utilising public funds for cooperative research with national universities and also other pharmaceutical companies.

Prof. Dr. Luky Adrianto
Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, IPB University

Prof. Dr. Luky Adrianto is from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, IPB University, Indonesia. He obtained a PhD from Kagoshima University, Japan in Fisheries Resources Management in 2004. He has been working for more than 20 years in the field of coastal and marine resources management, including fisheries management and governance. His publications appeared in some reputable journals with a total of around 110 articles. He even published FAO’s Technical Book on Mainstreaming Fisheries Co-Management in Indonesia which was funded by the ICSF published book. With other colleagues from ZMT Bremen, he co-led SPICE II Cluster 6 on Social-Ecological System Analysis for Coastal and Marine Resources Governance 2005-2010. Since 2010, he has been acting as Regional Task Force in Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) for the PEMSEA (Partnership of the Environmental Management of the Seas of East Asia) which he has been involved in the capacity building program for Cambodia, Thailand and Timor Leste. He is also coordinating a Learning Network of Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) in Indonesia since 2014.

Mr. Bagas Musamma Nanda
Chief Technical Officer
Roshark Marine

Mr. Bagas Musamma Nanda is a young talented innovator from Indonesia. He is a Chief Technical Officer in Roshark Marine, an Indonesian technology startup company that works on ROS (Robot Operating System)-based underwater robots for robust remotely and autonomous tasks. He received his diploma in Computer Engineering from Telkom University. His expertise is on hardware architecture in which he is experienced in carrying out various projects including AUV Research Project at Telkom University, ROV Research Project at Telkom University and also Soccer Robot Research Project at Telkom University.

15:00 - 16:00
  • Main Hall
Session3: Tech Splash | Underpinning Coastal Economic Transition to Optimize Wealth

Powered by: Aerodyne Group

The “Tech Splash” session will be a platform for startups to pitch and share their idea, technology, and product development related to improving the coastal economy and livelihood. The audience will be able to share their feedback on the products or technology to improve the R&D and to have a discussion where a potential collaboration could be created. All presenters will be given 5 minutes to pitch their startups and innovation to the audience, which will comprise various players from government agencies, local and international corporations, researchers and industries.

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GK AQUA was formed to commercialise and implement its cutting edge technology to improve Freshwater prawn farming efficiency. The neo-female broodstock is male prawns that have been engineered using biotechnology methods to be able to breed naturally with other males. GK AQUA is a Bionexus status company. The BioNexus status which comes with fiscal incentives and support for further improved growth. BioNexus is a special status awarded by the Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies.

JALA is transforming the shrimp industry by offering a vastly improved management system. JALA was founded by shrimp farmers that believe technologies will scale up shrimp production in a sustainable way. They deliver ease in services that are integrated with technology, the provision of aquaculture analysis, and the latest sources of information about aquaculture. Together with JALA, farmers can increase their crop yields with the help of technology, mitigation of failure risks, and sustainable farming. JALA offers a one-stop digital solution for farmers, leveraging their farming practices to ensure profitability and sustainability.

Banoo is an integrated aquaculture technology, that consists of a microbubble aerator, IoT water quality sensor & mobile apps that can increase dissolved oxygen in water up to 10 ppm & has proven to increase fish farmer yield by up to 78% compared to other technologies. Designed for a 100m2 pond – Banoo’s aquaculture system is able to increase levels of dissolved oxygen, and enhance fish weight, size and overall viability. The fish farmers can monitor and control pond water quality, view graphic pond condition reports stored on the Banoo mobile phone app as well as automate the microbubble generation based on real-time water quality conditions.

Nanobubble Karya Indonesia (nanobubble.id) is the first nanobubble technology manufacturing company in Indonesia for use in the fields of fisheries, agriculture, animal husbandry, clean and wastewater treatment, and remediation of aquatic ecosystems. Nanobubble’s technology produces nano-sized bubbles (70-200 nm) which can significantly increase the gas content (oxygen, ozone, nitrogen, etc.) in the water. Their technology has been used in around 47 regions in Indonesia and exported to 4 countries (Malaysia, Korea, India, and Chile).

FisTx is a startup with a fishery gene that develops technology-based solutions for aquaculture to support the achievement of productive and sustainable aquaculture. Since its establishment in 2021, Fistx has been providing solutions for aquaculture, which is currently focused on shrimp farming in its early stages. FisTx assists fish and shrimp farmers to reduce harvest risks, and towards sustainable aquaculture business management.

Albitec is a company that innovates to develop microalgae biotechnology for a sustainable future. Microalgae were chosen for cultivation because they do not produce waste, so they do not pollute the environment. From the results of this microalgae cultivation, Albitec can produce various kinds of products derived from spirulina. In terms of operations, Albitec uses renewable energy sources. This is done to support the clean energy mix in Indonesia.

Venambak delivers clean technology in aquaculture with water treatment, automation & energy management to reduce aquaculture waste & energy consumption for urban aquafarm. They assist in project management in sustainable aquaculture farming from its design, construction, testing & farm management service.

Rebricks creates paving bricks with plastic waste to address the country’s waste problem. Rebricks are currently capable of making 80 to 100 sqm paving bricks per day. The composition of a square metre of paving brick is 20% plastic waste or around 5kg with a size of 105×21. So far, the company provides two types, rectangular and hexagonal shapes. Their mission is to address the plastic waste problem in Indonesia by creating recycled building materials, to create a better environment for future generations.

16:00 - 17:00
  • Main hall
Session 4: Panel Discussion | Modernizing Coastal Transportation for Better Accessibility

Powered by: Aerodyne Group

Transportation is the heart of development. As the biggest archipelagic country, Indonesia has the most number of Islands that need to be connected and have better access. Building a traditional infrastructure of transportation might not be the right answer to solve the issues and become sustainable. Therefore, this session will highlight the issues of transportation in coastal/marine areas and what kind of technologies are needed to address the issues towards its sustainability. The discussion will create a collaborative project between participants and the coastal community.

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Bhagaskara Setyawan Moekti
Engagement Manager
New Energy Nexus

Mr. Bhagaskara Setyawan Moekti graduated with his bachelor study in mechanical engineering from IPB University in 2018. He worked as a consultant and energy practice coordinator before he joined New Energy Nexus as an engagement manager. His recent role enables him to focus on clean energy entrepreneurs, accelerator programs, and network development.

Ir. Alexander Ludi
CMO, Frogs Indonesia

After years of experience in marketing and business development at Multinational corporations such as Black & DeckerSmith GroupsSchlumberger dan Tatung, Ir. Alexander Ludi decided to study European Economic Integration in Pisa, Italy. He moved to Switzerland as SIGMA’s Export Director while finishing his post-postoral in Lugano. In 2009, he spent years engaging with the startup ecosystem in Europe with ETH Zurich. Last year, he started the AETP program (accelerator program) between Switzerland and Indonesia.

Mr. Maulana Aria Pratama
CEO & Founder

Maulana Aria Pratama has been in the maritime industry for 12 years. His background is in Electromechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, and Automation Engineering. He started his career as a survey underwater mapping engineer. He observed the challenges in conducting underwater survey work including CO2 emission from the engine. He then founded Geolabx, a technology startup that develops Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USVs) that uses renewable energy. He is also an industrial lecturer for automation project management at POLMAN (Bandung Polytechnic for Manufacturing).

Post-event: The inaugural Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Indonesia 2022

On 12th November 2022, Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. conducted the first Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference (HIC) in Indonesia in 2022 and the event was held at BLOCK71 Jakarta, Ariobimo Sentral, South Jakarta, Indonesia. HIC in Indonesia 2022 was supported by Aerodyne Group as the Main Partner, Maruha Nichiro Corporation as Session Partner, and Euglena Co., Ltd. as a Supporting Partner. We brought the theme of “Blue Archipelago: Revolutionise Indonesian Marine and Coastal Economy” for the first HIC in Indonesia to improve the overall life and livelihood of the coastal communities in Indonesia. We received a total of seventy-four participants coming from various industries and fields that joined to stimulate the creation of new knowledge and allow the adoption of knowledge to overcome the foreseen challenges.