Research Based Industrial Revolution
15th Apr 2023 Time 13:00 - 18:00

About HIC UK 2023:

The theme for 2023 HIC in UK came about with the idea that UK has always been the birth place for invention and discovery in science and technology. These long history of achivements have grown UK by indsutrialization in eighteen hundreds. UK still being the birth place of science and technology there will be chance for futher industrialization using Deep Tech.

Through the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in UK 2023, we will excavate different types of cutting edge technologies from UK with researchers, frontliners and relevant stakeholders from the world. We will then explore how we can collaborate together to create new project.

Calling for participants

In the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference, researchers, faculty, and students from academia can join the conference physically, and free of charge. For interested participants outside of academia, please contact us. The conference will be conducted in London, UK.

  • 15th

15th (Sat.)13:00 - 18:00

Time Content
13:00-13:15 Opening remark
13:15-14:15 Key note + panel session:
How to create researched base startup
14:15-15:15 Special Session:
What will UK – Japan Ecosystem Connection bring in Post Brexit?
15:15-16:15 Discussion Time
16:15-17:15 Panel session:
How to realise Urban Farm to Table
17:15-18:00 Closing Remark + Discussion
  • Main Hall
Special Session: What will UK - Japan Ecosystem Connection bring in Post Brexit?

In this session, we will be looking at what ecosystem connection between Japan and UK can bring. There will be series of presentation from both UK and Japanese startups with unique technology that might have good synergy with technical needs in both countries During the session there will also be key player from Deep-tech ecosystem players from both countries as a moderators.

For detail

Daiki Kumamoto, Director RTH HD Singapore

Born in London, brought up in US / Hong Kong / Tokyo. Graduated Keio SFC with a bachelor in Management.Membership Committee President of AIESEC in Japan, the largest non-for-profit organization in Japan and joined Real Tech Holdings in 2018 as its first fresh graduate.Lead the composition and fundraise of Real Tech Global Fund 1 in 2020 which specifically invests in Deep Tech startups in Southeast Asia region, envisioning to build an ecosystem to for solving deep-issues.

Dominic Falcao, Founding Director Deep Science Ventures

Founding Director of Deep Science Ventures. One of the early team members running Imperial College’s accelerator, working with over 1500 founders and 200 companies, with exits including to Spotify, Apple and Google. Founded DSV with Dr Mark Hammond, in order to create a dedicated, systematic environment for deep science venture creation.

  • WOTA
    • WOTA corp is a water tech company that works on the development of IoT, AI and Big Data technologies for autonomous control of small-scale, de-centralized water recycling systems for urban environments.
  • ThinkCyte
    • ThinkCyte have machine base cell sorting technology which can characterize and sort cells based on image information at record high-throughput rates by integrating a novel ultrafast imaging technique with artificial intelligence. This technology can be used in cell therapy as well as drug discovery as wel
  • euglena
    • euglena is one of the Biotech Unicorn from Japan. They have the mass cultivation technology of micro algae “euglena”. euglena is useful for both in food, cosmetics as well as bio fuel production.  Currently euglena works on development of Bio Jet fuel to fly airplane using their fuel