Bridging traditional and modern healthcare
18th Jan 2020 Time: 09:00-17:30
ZELL-V Wellness Hub, Menara Ruyi 30A, Kuala LumpurMap

The world of research has evolved with the growing number of publications. However, the knowledge that we can use from there is not catching up. To overcome this, Leave a Nest created a platform called ‘Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference’ in 2012 in Japan to exchange and develop research findings into a new state-of-the-art project. Since then, it has evolved to become a unique conference where corporations, startups, researchers and students from different fields gather together to create and integrate novel body of knowledge that can be used for the society.

Malaysia is known as a country that is rich with natural resources. These natural resources can be used an alternative medicine for healthcare. With the diversity of races and cultures in Malaysia, we hold a strong knowledge in traditional and complementary medicines. In the development of modern technology in healthcare industry nowadays, we believe it is our responsibility to bring the traditional knowledge from being forgotten and continue to benefit the world.

In Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Malaysia 2020, with the theme of ‘Bridging Traditional & Modern Healthcare’, we will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, corporations, government agencies, startup, educators as well as school students to discuss the integration of the knowledge of traditional wellness with modern technology for the advancement of the healthcare industry and lead to a sustainable solution to the world. As Malaysia is targeting to become the hub for medical technology, it is the right time for this topic to be discussed across the boundary of a disciplinary study perspective.


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Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Person in charge: Nurul Syazwani
Email:[email protected]

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  • 18th Jan

18th Jan(Sat.)9:00 - 17:30

Timeline Program
09:00-09:30 Registration 
09:30-09:50 Welcoming ceremony
09:50-10:05 Plenary Speech 1:

Dr. Chai Koh Meow,
Senior Principal Assistant Director
Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division
Ministry of Health Malaysia

Plenary Speech Title: Policy and Overview of T&CM in Malaysia

10:05-10:20 Plenary Speech 2:

Dr. Hooshmand Palany
Healthcare Working Group, ASEAN-Business Advisory Council

Plenary Speech Title: Future of Healthcare

10:20-10:30 Break
10:30-11:30 Panel Discussion – Session 1
Personalized and Artificial Food from the Perspective of Halal
11:30-12:30 Exhibition Core Time
12:30-14:00 LUNCH
Panel Discussion – Session 2
Healthcare 4.0: Are Malaysians Ready for It?
Panel Discussion – Session 3
Liberalization of Healthcare: Accessibility and Affordability for All
16:00-17:00 Thematic Panel Discussion
Session 4: Bridging the gap between traditional & modern practice in healthcare: A possibility?
17:00-17:30 Closing Ceremony
  • Main Hall
Plenary speaker 1:
Policy and Overview of Traditional and Complementary Medicine in Malaysia.

Dr. Chai Koh Meow
Senior Principal Assistant Director Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division
Ministry of Health Malaysia
Previously Dr. Chai involved in Port & Harbour and petrochemical industry development whereby he participated in a mega-scale petrochemical industrial development project named The Jurong Island Development in Singapore. Later, he pursued TCM education in China and Western Medicine in Europe. Finally, after 25 years of studying and working abroad, he came back to Malaysia and joined MOH and worked in a general hospital as a medical officer as well as a part-time TCM practitioner in a private clinic. He was then transferred to the headquarter of MOH and involved in the formulation of T&CM related policy and the integration of traditional and complementary medicine into the public health care delivery system. Currently, he is a Senior Principal Assistant Director, Policy and Development Section, Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Plenary speaker 2:
Future of Healthcare

Dr. Hooshmand Palany
Healthcare Working Group, ASEAN-Business Advisory Council
Dr. Hooshmand currently heads the Healthcare Working Group, ASEAN-BAC. Prior to this, he was in the National Health Service (NHS), United Kingdom. He has been CEO of hospitals and was the CEO of the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia prior to his stint in the United Kingdom. He has consulted for private healthcare projects, the National Innovation Agency, the Biotechnology Corporation and for the Ministry of Health Malaysia on various assignments. He is also involved in the ASEAN Mentorship for Entrepreneurs Network, initiated by the ASEAN-BAC Philippines. Dr. Hooshmand is a medical doctor by training with special interests in health economics, management, innovation and leadership.