HIC Vietnam 2023 Call for Presenters and Attendees | Partnership Announcement

The Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Vietnam will be happening in around a month and we would like to announce that we are again opening the registration form for Research Splash presenters! Interested applicants will be given the opportunity to present their research studies in a pitch-type style for 2 minutes as well as exhibit their work in a poster presentation which would be displayed in the venue for the whole duration of the event. Simply go to the website below or scan the QR code located inside the yellow box in this article's poster found above to apply.

2nd Call for Abstracts Registration Form:


Limited slots for Conference Attendees – apply now!

Also, registration form for attendees is now open! Attendance is FREE for those affiliated with any academic institutions. Get this rare opportunity to network with researchers from various universities as well as various participants such as overseas corporate partners, startup companies, government representatives, and academic institution representatives. Attendance slots are limited to the capacity of the venue space so apply now to secure your slot! Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Simply go to the website below or scan the QR code located inside the blue box in this article's poster found above to apply.

Conference Attendees Registration Form:




We are proud to announce that Rohto-Mentholatum (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. will be partnering with us for this very first Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Vietnam 2023! They will be the Session partner for the Keynote Session entitled "Aspects Surrounding Quality of Life" where we would be talking about current advancements in the health sector which has improved the quality of life of the people. Learn all about Rohto as they talk about their endeavors in making the people healthier and more beautiful in body and mind.

Rohto-Mentholatum (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. has been established since 1996. Following the development of Rohto group, Rohto Vietnam is constantly trying to gain the trust of customers during 26 years of presence and development in the Vietnamese market. They have many brands which are loved by many Vietnamese generation consumers such as: V.Rohto eye drops, Acnes, LipIce, Sunplay, OXY, Hada Labo, Selsun, Megumi, Refre, etc. To date, Rohto has taken on a variety of challenges in areas such as skincare, food, agriculture, and regenerative medicine, going beyond the framework of a traditional pharmaceutical manufacturer, in order to make people healthier and more beautiful in their body and mind. This desire and approach will not change in the future. Rohto will strive together as a company to deliver beauty and health around the world by creating unique new products and services that go beyond expectations. All their staff strives with determination to "NEVER SAY NEVER" in order to make every individual, and society itself, ever healthier.

We are also excited to announce our partnership with Eco-Pork Co., Ltd., a Japanese startup company who utilizes data and online platforms in order to build a sustainable, pig-centered, circular economy. Eco-pork will be the Session Partner of the 2nd Panel Session entitled "Bridging Smart Industries for Society”. Come join us as we learn about their current initiatives in sustainability in the pork industry and how various technologies such as this has come to improved the quality of living of the citizens.

Eco-Pork Co., Ltd., is a data company working to improve the production of pig farming, which boasts a market scale of 40 trillion yen worldwide and 600 billion yen in Japan. They consist of members with various careers and backgrounds, such as consulting firms, banks, IT companies, pig farmers, and veterinarians. Eco-Pork develops data solutions that make full use of AI, ICT, and IoT, and provide services not only throughout Japan but also to the world.



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