Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippines! December 7 (Sat.) Welcoming Aisa Mijeno,CEO, co-founder and inventor of SALt lamp!


Since 2012, Leave a Nest group has been hosting Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference, where people from academia, large corporations, ventures, super factories, educational institutions such as junior and senior high schools, local governments have gathered to create new knowledge and seeds of new innovations.


The overseas expansion began in 2019 to Malaysia and Singapore. And finally, in this coming December, we will inform you that the first Philippine conference. The keynote speech will be presented by Aisa Mijeno, who started SALt Corp., a saltwater lamp venture company, as an electronics researcher and educator.


The theme of this first Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in the Philippine is “Island Issues and Its Potential.”  Researchers and startups from various fields aiming to solve the issues in the Philippines meet together at one place. 

We will welcome with honor Ms. Aisa, the founder and CEO of SALt as a keynote speaker. SALt Corp is Philippino startup who has been invited by President Obama to his confidence. She has succeeded in developing a lamp that can be lit easily by simply pouring seawater, and now they are working on commercialization.






Profile of Ms. Aisa Mijeno


 Aisa is a faculty member of Engineering of De La Salle University - Lipa. Being a member of Greenpeace Philippines, she has traveled to many places promoting environmental campaigns. This has also brought her to the majestic mountains of northern Philippines where it all began. The product concept for SALt was inspired by the tribal community after living with them for weeks and learning how kerosene and moonlight have been the source of the lighting at night. Her interest varies from embedded systems to biomimicry to astronomy and electrochemistry.



The deadline for registration is soon ( November 28th)  We are looking for your participation on that day!


[Conference Summary]

Theme Island Issues and Potential
Date 7 December 2019 (Sat) 10: 00-19: 00
Location Philippine Trade Training Center 


Participants Researchers, entrepreneurs, government officials , students (university, junior and high schools), teachers, and anyone who is interested in creating new knowledge with us!




Time Contents Details
10:00 Opening Ceremony  Keynote: Philippines Saltwater Lamp Startup SALt

Founder Aisa Mijeno

10:45 Hyper-Interdisciplinary Pitch
12:00 Lunch Networking
13:00 Panel Session 1 [AGRICULTURE] ◯ Theme: Improve the value of agricultural products
14: 00 Panel Session 2 [EDUCATION] ◯ Theme: “What is the next education that the Philippines aims for?”
15:00 Poster Core Time
16:00 Panel Session 3 [ISLAND ISSUES & POTENTIAL] ◯ Theme: “What technologies are in the Philippines? whether it sought
17:00 Closing
17:30 Networking


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