Aerodyne, ACSL, SkyDrive, Drone Fund, the key players of drone gathers from the world/Drone Premise Society: When and Where Will it Start? / March 8th 2019 14:00〜@Shinjuku

【8th Hyper-interdisciplinary Conference】Aerodyne, ACSL, SkyDrive, Drone Fund, the key players of drone gathers from the world/ Drone Premise Society: When & Where Will it Start? / March 8th 2019 14:00〜@Shinjuku

Drone Session:
When and where will the drone society start from?

In 8th Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference (Friday and Saturday March 8th-9th 2019), we will gather the front runners in drone field from the world to conduct a panel discussion to discuss about “When and where will the drone society start from?”


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Many companies are interested in drone right now. In this session, we will invite 4 world renowned key players from this field. Aerodyne, the world’s seventh-largest drone company from Malaysia, ACSL, world first IPO company specialized in drone, SkyDrive, Japan based team working to develop flying vehicle and Drone fund, VC and specialist of drone situation in Japan will be joining in as panelists. In the session, drone specialist will discuss about where the technology development for drone going to happen, where will be the first place to implement drone as part of their society.

New geopolitics in drone field:
Who will be the first one to implement Drone and Food tech to society?

13:00~  Part 1 Introductory Session
「Is the approach to accelerating Deep Tech is common across the world?」
14:00~ Part 2 Drone Session
「When and where will the drone society start from?」
15:00~ Part 3 Food Tech Session
「Food Tech, the changer of world’s food culture」


Not only sessions from above themes, we are providing the opportunity to discuss with researchers, startups, and large corporates.
We are open for audiences to participate to the conference. You may register from link below.

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Drone Session:
 When and where will the drone society start from? 
Session Partner Drone Fund
Date and Time: Friday (8th March 2019), 14:00〜14:55
Venue: Bellesalle Shinjuku Grand Floor #5, Conference center(Nishi-shinjuku 8-17-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Close by Station:Nishi Shinjuku Station(Marunouchi Line)、Tocho Mae Station(Oodedo Line)Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station(Oodedo Line)、Shinjuku Station(JR Line・Marunouchi Line・Odakyu Line・Keio Line・Shinjuku Line・Ooedo Line)


Mr. Satoshi Washiya
Autonomous Control Systems Laboratories, Inc. (ACSL) , Director, Chief Executive Officer/COO

Joined ACSL in July 2016. In the past, the Japanese and Swedish branches of the McKinsey & Company and he was engaged in management reform projects for Japanese and European companies. He completed his master’s course in Waseda University.


Mr. Tomohiro Fukuzawa
SkyDrive Corporation, Representative Director, and Voluntary Organization CARTIVATOR, Community Representative
After graduation from the University of Tokyo and joined Toyota, he was engaged in global procurement of automotive components. At the same time, he has worked to improve  production system of car manufacturing and was awarded by the company for his achievement. Joint president of CARTIVATOR, a program to develop airborne vehicles, a project that began when he was at Toyota. Established SkyDrive Corporation in July 2018 with the aim of accelerating R&D and commercialization.


Mr. Kamarul A Muhamed
Aerodyne Group, Founder and CEO
He has 25 years of experience as a pioneer of enterprise software and security, interactive multimedia applications and software development, and drone applications. After graduating from the University of Nottingham Trent, he started his career as an auditor in London. He then became Computer Associates director and Country Manager. Established Aerodyne Group in 2014, an AI-led, drone-based enterprise management solution provider. Now grown to the seventh-largest drone provider in the world, and in 2018 it won the UAV company of the year 2018 in the Malaysia Excellence Awards of Frost & Sullivan.


Mr. Soki Ohmae

Drone Fund, Collaborative Founder/Representative Partners
Founded Creative Hope Co., 2002, a web consulting company focusing on strategic side. In 2017 he was appointed as Drone Fund Advisory Board of Drone fund. President of Creative Hope Corporation, and Professor of Business Breakthrough University (specialized in digital marketing).



Dr. Ryuta Takeda, 
Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.,
Global Platform Development Division, General Manager

He studied the structure of the RNA pathogen viroid at Ohio State University, USA, and obtained Ph.D.
As the general manager of the Global Platform Development Division, he is tackling the development of overseas strategies, in particular the seed acceleration program “TECH PLANTER” to discover and nurture startups in the Deep Tech field. In addition to this, private-sector led research grant project “LNest Grant” for young researchers. Since 2011, he is acting president of Leave a Nest America Inc.