The 8th Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference will be held on 8-9th March, 2019 in Tokyo.


Followed by our success in Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference 2018 in Tokyo, we will be conducting our 8th Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference in 2019. As well as our previous conference, we will be welcoming specialist from wide range of fields, ranging from academia, startups, engineer, large corporates, middle school high school students and more. All of these members will meet and discuss to create new knowledge from here that may change the world or solve social issues.



Concept of 8th Hyper-Interdiscipinary Japan 2019

In our 8th conference, we will focus on discussing what will start to happen by connecting different things by new technologies. For example, connection from the advancement of AI technology, spread of IoT and distribution technology like drone will create numerous new business and solutions. Hence this times, keyword is "connect". There will be several themes that we will focus during the conference such as primary industry, secondary industry, lifestyle, mental health, health care, and so on. Please visit the 8th Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference and “connect” yourself!



Gathering of world changing Tech ventures
~TECH PLANTER World Communication~

Among all the finalists of TECH PLANTERs held in United States, Europe and Asia regions, Several teams will be selected to join this session. They will present us about their Question, Passion and unique technology to solve those Questions. We cannot miss what kind of future they will show us!


Where technology takes us next?
~Hyper Deep Technology, near future of deep-tech~

After the tide of IT, deep tech has been an interest all over the world. However, if commodification of deep tech is thought to come gradually, how will deep tech keep its deepness? In this session, VIP players who has devoted in current deep-tech ecosystem in the world will discuss the future of deep-tech.


Details of the event:

Date:8th March (Friday) 8 and Saturday 9th (Saturday)
Time: 09:30 - 18:00
Venue; Bellesalle Shinjuku Grand Floor #5, Conference center
Theme: Rewiring beyond time, space, and five sense
Featured activities:

  1. Plenary speakers
  2. Panel Discussion
  3. Startups pitching
  4. Exhibition
    a. Poster exhibition
    b. Companies exhibition

Targeted participants

*Secondary school students

Entry fee:

Business personnel: ¥50,000 (early entry discount by Jan 31th 2019. after Feb 1st ¥100,000)
Accademia · Student · Startups: FREE

We welcome corporate and startups to be our partner in this program.

Application for Entry:


For Enquiry

Please contact Shohei Michael Maekawa at [email protected] or call at +81352274198