Announcement of presenter, TECH PLANTER World Communication


As well as last year, we will be conduction TECH PLANTER World Communication in this year’s Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference.


Video from last year

Among all the finalists of TECH PLANTERs held in United States, Europe and Asia regions, Several teams will be selected to join this session. They will present us about their Question, Passion and unique technology to solve those Questions. This time we are proud to announce the presenter for this year's TECH PLANTER World Communication.


Presenter for TECH PLANTER World Communication

Region / Country Team
Asia/Singapore NDR Medical Technology (Grand Winner, TECH PLANTER in Singapore)
Asia/Singapore Fytosol(Mitsui Chemical Award, TECH PLANTER in Singapore)
Asia/Thailand iVET(Grand Winner and JT Award, TECH PLANTER in Thailand)
USA/Boston embr labs Inc.(Grand Winner, TECH PLANTER in Boston)
USA/San Francisco Raydiant Oximetry(Grand Winner, TECH PLANTER in San Francisco)
USA/San Francisco OneSkin (Leave a Nest Award, TECH PLANTER in San Francisco)
Europe/UK InfiGear(Grand Winner, TECH PLANTER in UK)
Europe/UK Remora Marine (Kobashi Award, TECH PLANTER in UK)
Japan Theranospharma(Grand Winner and Suntory Award, Biotech GP in Japan)
Japan Happy Moss(Grand Winner and Yanmar Award, Agritech GP in Japan)


The presenter will have time to present and have short Q&A session with Judges. After all presentations have been done, winner of the TECH PLANTER World Communication 2019 will be announced.


Session Name:TECH PLANTER World Communication
Date:8th March Friday 10:00~12:00
Venue:Main Hall
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